Meeting registration: CAB 64

CAB 65:  BHIVA/BASHH conference feedback and Treatment as/for prevention

Saturday 21 April 2018

  • Registration for the meeting is free.
  • We hope to include advocates from as many organisations as possible. A maximum of two persons can attend from an organisation. This applies mainly to out of London attendees.
  • If your require a hotel room, please let us know.  Hotel rooms are available on a first come basis and for members whose travel is more than two hours to London.
  • Travel – UK-CAB uses a not-for-profit social enterprise for travel and accommodation.  Your registration for the meeting is incomplete, till your travel is completed and confirmed.
  • A list of attendees is included in the meeting report. If you prefer not to be named please make this clear at the meeting.

For people who live and work outside London, accommodation is provided the night before the meeting at a hotel near the meeting venue.

  • If you require a hotel room please request this now.
  • A hotel room may not be available if you register less than 2 weeks before the meeting.

Help with travel costs up to £100 is available.

  • We will need a copy of a receipt or ticket to pay your claim
  • Travel costs over £100: contact the office to discuss this before you make your travel arrangements.

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Published: December 15, 2010
Last edited: May 15, 2018