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Presentations from UK-CAB meetings

Reports, briefings and presentations from UK CAB meetings.

Skills and training courses

In line with developing HIV activism in the UK, the CAB organises more intensive training workshops.

The programme, presentations and reading material from these workshops are linked below.

Clinical trials: a community guide to HIV research

A resource on how clinical trials work, why they are important, understanding the results and the role of the advocate in research. Published by i-Base

Denver principles (1983)

The UK-CAB supports the driving goals listed in the Denver principles – a founding document about HIV activism.


Becoming an advocate, taking part in clinical trials and other topics.

Clinical trials

Finding clinical trials. Trials with UK-CAB representation.

Treatment guidelines

Links to HIV treatment guidelines. Other guidelines. Policy and guidance.

UKCHIC study summaries

Study summaries for download as PDF files



Published: May 8, 2017
Last edited: June 12, 2017