Message boards user guide

When I look at the message boards all I see is the public area? Where are the member-only discussions?

The whole world can see the public area. You must sign in to read member-only discussions. You’ll need your username and password.

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password…

I’ve thought about posting something…

Yes, please do. All views are valuable. To start a new subject select the new subject button. To reply to an existing message select the reply button

I want to be emailed new messages added to a subject…

Select the notify button when reading the subject. You’ll need to do this for each subject you want to follow.

How do I find messages I have posted?

Follow the link to ‘All your posts’. It will be near the top of every page.

All your posts link and several others

Hey, I want a picture…how do I do that?

Follow the link to ‘My details’ then ‘Personal details’. You can choose one from the selection, or upload one of your own. Only members who are signed in will see your picture.

Selecting a picture to personalise your message board identity

Published: December 17, 2010
Last edited: December 20, 2010