Managing your personal details

To personalise your identity and set display options, follow the ‘My details’ link

My details link

This link appears on every page on the message boards when you’re signed in.

The ‘Change details’ menu

Change details menu

Account settings

Manage how the message boards identify you, including:

  • The name the appears on your messages
  • Change your password
  • Set a password reminder question

Personal details

Personalise your identity on the message boards, including:

  • Choose a personal picture
  • Add your organisation and role or other description
  • Add a personal motto and signature

Display preferences

Customize the look and layout of the message boards, including:

  • Listing the newest messages at the top of a discussion
  • When you post a message, whether to return to the discussion or go to the message boards index


Set preferences for email notification of new messages, including:

  • Being sent the text of a message or just the title and a link
  • Whether to be sent email when new messages are added to discussions you have started or contributed to

Personal messages

Set preferences for personal messages, including:

  • Automatically saving personal messages in your Outbox
  • Getting an email when you are sent a personal message.

Hey, I want a picture…how do I do that?

Follow the link to ‘My details’ then ‘Personal details’. You can choose one from the selection, or upload one of your own. Only memebers who are signed in will see your picture.

Selecting a picture to personalise your message board identity

Published: December 20, 2010