Writing messages

How to add your message to the message boards

To start a new subject select the new subject button. To reply to an existing message select the reply button. Type your message in the typing box. You can add formatting, preview your message and check the spelling. You can attach a document to your message before you post. When your ready, press the post button.

That’s it!

Including links to websites

Just type or past them into you message. They will be recognised automatically. You can use links to websites begining http://www or just www.

Formatting your message

Buttons on the typing box allow you to add formatting – bold, italic, lists etc

Highlight the text you want to format then press the relevant button. Extra characters (called Bulletin Board Code or BBC) will be added to your message. When you post your message, these will be converted into the correct presentation. You can see how this will look if you preview your message.

Highlight text then format

Formatting reference

Name Button BBC Effect
Bold Bold [b] … [/b] Bold
Italic Italic [i] … [/i] Italic
Horizontal rule Horizontal rule [hr]
Link Link [url]www.mywebsite.com[/url]
[url=www.mywebsite.com]My link description[/url]

My link description

Email Email [email=name@mywebsite.com]Email John Smith[/email] Email John Smith
Superscript Superscript [sup] … [/sup] 106
Subscript 'Subscript [sub] … [/sub] Log10
Quote Quote [quote] … [/quote]
Quote goes here
List List [ul]
[li] … [/li]
[li] … [/li]
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Published: December 20, 2010
Last edited: December 20, 2010