UK-CAB logoUK-CAB is a network for community HIV treatment advocates

The UK-CAB has three main aims

  1. To support HIV treatment advocates in the UK.
  2. To provide expert training on HIV treatment.
  3. To ensure HIV positive people are represented at all levels of our care.

UK-CAB members

Membership of UK-CAB is free and open to people living with HIV, community advocates and related health workers.

The CAB connects over 900 members from over 120 organisations.

The CAB is free to join and open to individuals whether or not you are linked to an organisation.

The CAB is an actively peer-led project – approximately 75% of members are HIV positive.

We believe that HIV positive people and their advocates must be involved in all aspects of our care. This includes design and management of standards of care, clinical trials and other research.

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Meetings and training

UK-CAB meetings are free and limited to 30 people. Meetings are interactive, with questions, discussions and time to network. Meetings are held in London.

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Upcoming and recent meetings:

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PrEP statement from the UK-CAB

UK-CAB research and poster presentations

A study by the UK-CAB on the involvement of HIV positive advocate in research was presented as a poster at the 2018 BHIVA/BASHH conference.

UK-CAB provides community representatives involved in HIV treatment guidelines and research in the UK. Following a study presented 2017, the 2018 study asked: What impact do UK-CAB representatives on guideline writing committees and academic/clinical research study boards make?

UK-CAB also presented the study as a poster at the 4th Joint Conference of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) with the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) in Edinburgh in April, 2018.

UK-CAB documents and policies

Current UK-CAB representatives

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